How UK businesses are responding to COVID-19

How are UK businesses adapting now, and planning for the long term? We asked 1,340 business leaders.

Working remotely and staying motivated

The transition to remote working is one of the most significant and wide-reaching changes to the way we work. 



of those surveyed were working remotely

felt this was a positive change

Ensuring business survival

The UK Government is offering a number of initiatives to help businesses navigate the COVID-19 period. 64% of respondents are taking advantage of a form of Government support.



said that their company would be using the VAT deferral scheme

of those using government support were taking advantage of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

What plans they have beyond the first COVID-19 peak

The Coronavirus has disrupted the UK's health and economy, with businesses being forced to make significant changes to the way they operate. To discover how UK organisations have adapted to these conditions we surveyed 1,340 business leaders.

Top ways of staying motivated

Communication is an essential part of effective remote working. Regular contact was the most common way respondents were keeping motivated.

To keep in contact, respondents were turning to video conferencing with Zoom as the most common way of keeping in touch with colleagues.





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Keeping in regular contact

Maintaining a routine

Taking exercise

We asked UK business leaders: 

How they are ensuring business survival 

How they are adapting to remote working

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For the full report into how businesses are looking to recover now and adapt in the long term, download the whitepaper 'How UK businesses are responding to COVID-19'.




Microsoft Teams



Planning for after the first COVID-19 peak

As lock-down restrictions start to lift and the economic impacts of the virus become more apparent, UK businesses are shaping long term plans. Our whitepaper, How UK businesses are responding to COVID-19, gives an in-depth analysis of:

How lock-down has precipitated a digital revolution

How businesses are preparing for the return to the workplace

The strategies that are essential to business survival

The long-term benefits of remote working

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